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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Discharged from PT

This week I completed my last session of PT and I'm released!
My PT's parting advice:
- Keep up the glute work. Give your body another muscle to use.
- Don't strengthen hamstrings. They're already strong, even too strong, to the neglect of other muscles.
- Start stretching more!
Let's see if I can follow orders this time and actually run healthy for a change. Right now, I feel decent, but as usual, there are a few things bugging me:
1. Right hip still falls out of socket. That's annoying. Doesn't hurt to run, but I do leg raises without pain. That hasn't changed since the surgery (coming up on the one year anniversary of that surgery soon!).
2. Left hamstring is still tighter than the right.
3. After long runs, my calves are tight and sore. But not in my old Kinvara I's - the new Kinvara VI's do it, though. Darn it.

If I can keep all those things in check, I have a shot at some healthy running and maybe racing coming up!


  1. Congratulations on graduating from PT. You are a rockstar in my mind for patiently recovering from two hip repairs...

    Question. What exercises can one do that engage the glutes but not the hamstrings? I feel like we have similar problem areas (tight left hamstring, weak glutes)...

    I realized that I so need to regain all of the flexability that I had on my left side... I used to be able to do the splits on that side. But, once the need to split disappeared I stopped stretching... Every year it gets worse.

    But, I think it had a lot to do with my hip troubles last year. *shrugs shoulders*

    1. A few that were great:
      - Use two resistance bands crossed over your knees and open like a clam against the resistance. Then do bridges with your feet on a foam roller that way. The wobbly base and the open clam position forces you to stabilize with glutes.
      - Donkey kicks flat on your stomach rather than hands and knees. Tighten your glute, bend your knee and kick straight up.

  2. Hooray for no more PT :). Wishing you a speedy return to more racing and regular training too. Stinks that the Kinvara's were redesigned and don't work well for you because it's so hard to find new shoes or even old versions online .

  3. That's great that you've been released from PT! I hope that you stay healthy going forward!

  4. I can see body maintenance is going to be an on-going quest for you. But then again it is for all of us. We all have to keep our imbalances in check to keep running healthy and at least you know what yours are.