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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Forget the Olympics.

Preseason is here! And the Who-Dat Nation celebrates the return of the Saints with style. Lots of style. Really, I got this embossed invitation in the mail and I thought I was invited to a wedding.

Nope, just our neighbor's Saints game party.

He cleverly named his house "Randisle", a play on the barrier island Grand Isle, a vacation destination and a poor place to live in case of a hurricane. 

He even had his cups emblazoned!
I've given up on the camera timer. Phone and mirror to the rescue. 

We went over for a little, and I broke out the swingy Saints T-shirt I wore for the Louisiana Marathon last January. But I left after a few minutes: it was hot and crowded and I couldn't see the game! I left David to represent and walked home to watch by myself. I brought my Randisle cup with me. Good thing there isn't an open container law here.

Of course I've been watching the Olympics, too. Even though I'm a pathetic sprinter, I love watching the sprints; and watching Farah and Rupp go one-two in the 10000m pretty much made my summer. I was banking on Rupp on the podium - I just knew he had the savvy to pull that off (and Farah's presence couldn't have hurt, right?).

What have you been watching in the Olympics? And are you ready for football season?


  1. That's so awesome! We don't have NFL Network so we went to a local sports-themed restaurant to watch the game. It's an LSU-decked place since we're in BR, but everyone there was wearing their black and gold. I am SO excited football is back!

  2. I've been watching anything and everything to do with the olympics-I will soon be ready for it to be over I'm sure!

  3. Yes to the Olympics and this is a big week for us in the Northeast, my wonderful Saints are coming to spend the week with the Patriots. Yikes is it Geaux Saints or Yay Pats....

  4. That's quite the invite, lol! Watching the sprinters is fun...especially when they show the side view..their legs go so fast it's unbelievable. I'm watching too much of the games which is making me tired all the time, lol...less than a week left though. :)

  5. i want to throw a party like that - fancy theme invites and all. let's be honest, i won't.

  6. Wow, they sure went all out for the invites! And I love your tank and cup. It's always fun to have a reason to get festive for a party.