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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Target success!

I bet it would make your day to see the deals I got at Target.
I'm happy to oblige!
AND another linoleum shot! Doesn't it bring you back?
So here we have the deals. On the outside is a cute little nightie I got for a friend who just had a baby. I think moms need pretty things after having babies...but they should also be loose and flowy for now! This was $9.95, not the best deal in the world, but since it was a gift I won't obsess over it. I'm soooo generous. In the middle is a pajama set I got for my sister, just because I think she looks good in olive. The pants were $3.21 and the top (which is really soft cotton) was $4.45. All the way to the right is a pair of high-waist, flare-leg, retro slacks for me. I don't adore them, but they were $6.24 so I bought them. I do like the thin (cool) fabric and the fact that they are different from any other pants I own.
On the bottom left is my biggest score: winter running tights marked all the way down to $1.99 from $21.99! Their only flaw is no key pocket, but my handy-dandy seamstress self is about to go add one to the waist band. I might do a tutorial on it!


  1. Very nice! Target sucks up far too much of my money on a regular basis!!

  2. God you find good deals at Target. I could not imagine winter running tights being marked down to anywhere near that in ANY STORES here. I wonder if Target will be that cheap when it comes to Canada... I kind of think it's an American thing. Canadian stuff is higher priced!

  3. Nice work! I have those same olive pj's. Love them. They are so darn comfy!!