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Friday, June 10, 2011

The Special Man

In case you missed it...

...Conan is mocking a commercial that is near and dear to the heart of the Crescent City. Watch this commercial and savor it. It makes NO SENSE. There is no explanation for any of the in it, none whatsoever. Doesn't matter. New Orleans loves things that don't make sense. Even more, New Orleans loves characters. Just put some weird outfit on and give yourself a name and you'll be a legend.
I adore the parodies people are posting, too. Especially the speech coach:

Sometimes I pull the special man line when people are out of refills at the pharmacy. Do you have any iconic commercials in your area?


  1. Looove it! Remember those commercials from my childhood!! "I say I say I say you say I say" With cash flying in the air...

    Remember this one? Your video made me go on a youtube search.

  2. one of my favorites! :)

    **grace, i'm setting my blog to private can you send me your email so i can add your name to the list. i can't seem to find it on your blog.

  3. Oh the good ol days! I remember the money flying in the air too! Let her have it! This was another one of my favorites though:
    Rosenbergs Rosenbergs, 1825 Tulane!

  4. oh my. haha. what a gem. i'm glad you can incorporate such good english into your workplace.