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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A perfect Sunday afternoon

Here is the perfect Sunday afternoon:
Incredible 70's weather.
A quick run.
A walk with the hubby to Plum Street Snowballs.
A Pina Colada cream snowball. MMMMM.
Keep walking to Audubon Park.
Long game of football (my throwing arm is sore!).
A few fun photos (see above. It really was a beautiful day!).
Walk home and eat Lebanese food and split a bottle of red zinfandel in front of the TV.
Go to sleep early.


  1. jealous.... aside from that football thing, really bad at throwing those. I'd just park my butt at the Fly and chill. :-)

  2. That is a perfect day for me as well - except the football throwing because I might be the worst thrower ever. I am terrible at sports. Just terrible. My 4 & 5 yr old nephews can throw the ball further than I can!

    A snowball sounds fabulous right about now...