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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Brand New Shoes!

Last night I bought new running shoes totally on a whim and without trying them on. Crazy! But I'm so excited. Take a look:

They're Karhus, a brand of Finnish shoes with an adorable history (seriously, they sold their three stripes pattern symbol to Adidas back in like the '40's - couldn't Adidas have thought of another, more original symbol?). I bought the speed shoes, which I guess are their racing flats.
There's a two-fold reason that I bought them.
1. I love my pronation. Yep. Love it. I pronate a slightly to moderately but it is very obvious when I run because I have extremely high arches. You can actually watch the arch dip and roll in. (It fascinates people who sell shoes.) Naturally, everyone who sells me shoes tries to correct this, and with disastrous results. There is a direct correlation between stability shoes and knee pain - the more stable/motion controlling the shoe is, the more severe knee pain I develop. Right now I'm wearing neutral/mild stability Nikes with 300 or 400 miles on them. Because they're Nikes (BOO!), they're basically totally worn out already. Support is gone. They're like dirty rubber socks. And that means they're finally comfortable on my knees! I can't promise this will work for everyone, but I need to allow my body to correct itself when I run. I've been walking and running on these same feet for 27 years and my body has adapted. Trying to "fix" my gate with shoes = poor patella tracking and pain. The Karhu concept actually encourages a little pronation and works with it to promote a fast transition to the front-foot. I saw Karhus at a booth at the Marathon expo and it piqued my interest.
2. The real reason I bought them, though, is that I can't pass up a good deal. I was Googling "Karhu" and what do you think popped up? A huge sale at Sierra Trading Post. The flats are on sale from $114 to $39! WHAT!!!! Furthermore, I used a coupon code to get an additional 20% off - so even with shipping, my total was under $40. If you're interested, the coupon code is 2ADVENTURE and can be used on any order - I think it expires 4/19 but not sure.
My plan is - if these shoes work out, I basically guessed at the size - to work these shoes in for fast runs and speedwork - and wear them and my Nikes (BOO again!) at the same time. I mean not exactly the same time. You know what I mean.
Has anyone else tried Karhus, besides this runner? Thoughts on the technology (or lack thereof) in this shoe?


  1. Fun! Yay new shoes! Well it sounds like you know your feet and your body pretty well, I hope they workout well for you. Plus what a freakin bargain!

  2. Oo, fun! I have never heard of these. What a bargin!

    I run in Mizuno's. Have tried a couple of different shoes, but havent' found anything I like nearly as much. I have crazy high arches too, but I actually under pronate. Kind of weird.

  3. I think usually flat feet overpronate and high arches tend to suppinate, but I just have weird feet! Haven't tried Mizuno yet. I always bought New Balance until they changed the shape of the toe box. Now my wide toes can't fit!