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Monday, April 26, 2010

My life insurance physical

This morning I had a mini-physical for a life insurance policy the hubby is buying (should I be scared?). I learned a few interesting things, like my height and weight. I discovered I'm closer to 5"8" than the 5"7" I've been claiming (which explains my high water slacks a little) and that my estimated weight that I've been telling people is off by like 8 pounds! Oops. Give me a break, people, I don't own a scale!
The funny part of the physical was - as always - the blood pressure and pulse part. After 3 attempts at a blood pressure (and switching to a child's cuff for my skinny arm - I guess I need to do some upper body strength work!) the technician grunted, "Either you're about to die right in front of me or you're a long distance runner." Haha. My blood pressure was 92/60 and my pulse was 40. That's after two full cups of coffee.
I get this response fairly often. When I was in the hospital after surgery my nurse called a "rapid response" (Not a code blue, but it means they're concerned that you're about to code) based on my blood pressure readings. I was sitting up and talking! I had to persuade the code team that I was fine by singing aloud!
The technician also told me that she lost 12 pounds over 2 months by switching to water instead of diet coke, and she pulled her shirt up to show my dog bite marks she'd gotten at another client's house. She lost me at the disrobing. I can insult diet coke all day long, but I really don't want to see anyone's abdomen. You?


  1. My bp & pulse are also super low. I often get turned down when I try to donate blood beause of that. It's in my genes, though, but running definitely helps!

    What a random technicians. I probably wouldn't pull my shirt up to show a good friend a dog bite... I guess I am just too shy. But to show a complete stranger? ay yi yi! Awkward!

  2. alive? Dang those are low.

    Random technician though.

    I'm always trying to round up my height.... I'm really closer to 5'5", but round up to 5'6". ;-)

  3. I'm telling you, that's high for me. It's a good day to get the old pulse in the 40's and I rarely have a systolic over 100.