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Thursday, November 15, 2018

No fracture - phew!

I got my MRI results back, and my feet are so messed up that my nurse called to ask, "How's the achilles?" I was like...fine, my achilles isn't even why I went in!
But anyway - good news, no fracture, looks like an early "stress reaction" or "bone bruise" - basically there is mild edema of the marrow, but it's diffuse and minimal. I was expecting this, because of course, as soon as I had the MRI my foot started to feel magically better. Once I shelled all that money out, anyway. When I had the stress fracture last year, I couldn't put weight on it for weeks, and I was almost walking normally within days this time, so I felt pretty good about the prognosis. Sure enough, I'm cleared to run as long as I am guided by pain. And so far, no pain, so I'm happy with that!
Meanwhile, the MRI results list like 10 other issues, none of which hurt right now, so I am ignoring them all. There is tenosynovitis indicative of a sprain present in multiple tendons - nope, no sprain. There is damage to the achilles that has only mildly bothered me once in a while. I have arthritis in my toes, a bunion, and a bunionette, all with degenerative changes. Well, I knew that. It's hard to not to notice a bunion. There's inflammation in the soft tissue around the fifth metatarsal. Hm, probably related to the injury. There is tendonitis at the knot of henry, and I don't even know what the knot of henry is. I have a degenerative cyst at the angle of gissane, and honestly, I don't know how I would have any idea of damage in that area.

Summary: My feet are messed up, but they don't hurt right now, so I'm back to running. Yay!
Etiology of the injury? I'm blaming the slippery socks. I really feel like the sliding and slamming around during the Jazz half marathon, when I wore the wrong socks, is what hurt my feet. The evening after that race I actually soaked my other foot in epsom salts because it was really hurting. Maybe if I'd soaked both feet I'd have avoided time off!


  1. Yea! I'm happy you can run and don't have to deal with a stress fracture! :)

  2. Woohoo!! Wishing you no pain by which to be guided.

  3. So glad you don’t have a fracture!! Dang that is a lot of foot issues, though! But it’s good that none of what they found seems to bother you!! Hope that remains the case!!

  4. That's wonderful news! It's great you can resume training being so close to the marathon. And wow- that's quite the list of other issues, but at least none are major at the moment.