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Monday, November 19, 2018

Marathon training, week 16

This was my first week back at normal training, felt like it. I definitely lost some fitness.

Monday: Still on the elliptical Monday, as I hadn't heard back from my doctor yet. Four and a half miles on the elliptical. 
Tuesday: A road and track combination: 2 mi warm up, 2 x 1.5 mi (road) @ Tempo, 1/4 jog rest,
4 x 800 (track) @ 5k, 200m jog rest. Then 6 x 80-100m strides and a mile cool down (9+). I couldn't quite hit any paces, which I blamed on just getting back into running. 
Wednesday: 4 easy.
Thursday: 8 easy.
Friday: 8 miles aerobic and four 1-min surges thrown in for a total of 8.22 miles at 7:04, plus strides. 
Saturday: 6 easy.
Sunday: Super tough long run: 9 at conversational pace, 3 at MP+40 (7:22, :29, :22), 3 at MP+20 (7:11, :04, :12), 2 at MP (6:48,:52), 1 at MP-10 (6:39), 1 at MP-20 (6:34), 1 cool down. Hard. Very hard. Harder than it should be, so now I am back to adjusting my goal! Maybe I will have a goal pace by the end of this training cycle! 
Weekly mileage: 61.5

It was rather obvious to me that my time off did, unfortunately, take some of my fitness away. Tuesday's track especially! I could barely hold marathon pace for the last half-mile of the second tempo set. I did complete the long run, but it was by no means easy. I'll need to make some pace decisions about this race coming up in just three weeks! 


  1. I'm glad you were able to get back to training! Hopefully you gain some confidence and figure out what your race pace should be. It sucks that this injury happened so close to the race! :(

  2. That's a really strong week. And that long run was really well executed. Must have left you feeling super confident!