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Saturday, November 24, 2018

Another rotten Turkey Day

Up until last year, I have had nothing but terrible Turkey Day races. Last year I felt great and ran a big PR, but this year I brought the bad race tradition back!
Actually, Thanksgiving was basically awful this year. Backstory: A week ago, the Sewage and Water Board notified our street that fecal coliform bacteria had been isolated in our water. So they instructed us - do not drink or use the water! and started dropping off boxes of gallon jugs on our porch each day. Welcome to the third world country that is New Orleans!
Well, Wednesday night, we were notified that workers had run an external water line to our street, so we could use our tap water again while they worked to decontaminate our permanent line. I drank up...but apparently didn't flush the pipes thoroughly. I woke up in the middle of the night with what I can only describe as traveler's diarrhea (sorry, TMI). I was miserable. And it was worse when I woke up. I had been up most of the night, so I was exhausted. My stomach was killing me, like I'd been punched in the gut. And I had terrible cramps. For some reason, I decided to run the race anyway, which was a bad idea.
Tempo face.

I made it through the warm up and kind of thought I was feeling better, so I lined up to race. But. A few yards into the race the cramps came back in force. Now, we weren't supposed to race this all-out anyway, according to our group coach, if we were running the marathon; we'd had a lot of hard work lately as it was. He'd said do a tempo and maybe pick up the last two miles. But FORGET THAT. I settled into 6:30's and stayed right there, and honestly, that hurt anyway. I was positively ill. I ran a 32:29 for the five miles, which is not a PR at all, and then I went straight back to bed.

And that's how my Thanksgiving race went.


  1. That sounds awful. You're a warrior No way I'd have left bed under those conditions.

  2. D: That sounds awful. I'm impressed you were even able to run it at all. Hope you're feeling better & the water situation is resolved!

  3. Oh wow- that is a really impressive time considering how you felt. That totally sucks about your water making you sick! Kudos for getting out there and I hope your system has recovered by now.

  4. Yuck! I so would not have been motivated to race after having GI problems! You are brave and maybe a little crazy. ;)