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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Marathon training, week 17

Taper begins! The race is December 8th, and our mileage is winding down.

Monday: Five easy. I have a new Monday schedule that gets me off work at 5pm, which means I have 2 hours before karate class at 7. Before, when I got off at 6, I'd head to the gym - very close to my work - and lift weights before my karate class (also at the gym). Now, with 2 hours to kill, I decided to move my morning run to the evening. I ran five easy down the Lafitte Greenway, a pedestrian and bike path connecting the French Quarter to Mid City. That was a fun change of pace! 
Tuesday: Another road/track combo tonight: A three mile tempo, followed by 2x1200 at 5k pace, then 8 strides. I ran 6:31 average for the tempo and my 1200s were 4:32 each. I felt much more myself than last week, and this effort didn't feel hard. 
Wednesday: 5 easy.
Vapor Fly - possibly my marathon shoe.
Thursday: That terrible turkey day race in 32:29, plus warm up and cool down, for 8 total.
Friday: 7 easy. I was pretty sure I wouldn't be able to run this after being sick on Thursday, but I did, stomach cramps and all. 
Saturday: 6 aerobic. Finally feeling better! I wore my Nike Zoom Fly for this run, and they felt fast. In fact, I ran 7 average pace, which is fast for aerobic for me, and was done by feel (I usually wear the Garmin, but scroll it to time only, if I want to go by feel but have data later). That could be the shoes...or just the fresher legs with lower mileage.I do think I'm getting used to those shoes, though. I felt sluggish in them last week, but this week I feel peppy!
Sunday: This was an easy long run, as long runs go: just 16 miles, with miles 10-14 at marathon pace. I decided this was as good a time as any to try out the Zoom Flys for distance. For the first ten easy, I felt what I can only describe as resistance as I tried to overcome the squishy cushion to propel forward. Yet when we picked up the pace for the four miles at marathon pace, that feeling went away. I wouldn't say they're giving me some magic bounce, but they do feel fluid and smooth at faster speeds, and since my feet don't hurt in them - they'll probably be my marathon shoe. My "marathon pace" splits were far too fast - 6:44, :40,:41, :32. Oops. I blame 1. the rain, which made it impossible to read my Garmin; 2. the taper and lack of real race Thursday, which gave me fresh legs; and 3. My teammate Tom, who I had in my sights, and who was also quite a bit fast for the day! This is what happens when I pace off other people! 

Weekly mileage: 57 miles. Taper time! 


  1. It sounds like you have rebounded super quickly from the time off and the taper magic is starting to work. Having paces feel easier than they should is a sure-fire sign that you have made fitness gains. I'm relieved that you are over the stomach issues and feeling good again.

  2. I also think you've rebounded super well. I can't wait to see what you do on December 8th!