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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Track torrents

Was the rain done? Could I actually run NOT in ankle-deep water?
Ah, no. Not at all.
David stuffing my shoes with paper for me
Our Tuesday track was at Pontiff playground, which, interestingly enough, Jefferson Parish purposefully floods during rainstorms, with pumps dumping into its bowl of green space. It was dry enough for track by Tuesday night, though - for a minute. Two reps into our 6x800, it started raining, and by rep three, we were sliding in mud on the cinder track. I was working with Paige, and we agreed to complete our last two reps on the roads, but that was barely better: my shoes have little traction, and again, we were sloshing through ankle-deep water. Our pace suffered!

We could have done a few more reps, but we called it at six: the minimum the workout called for. I was just sick of it. I'm at the point where all of my shoes are soaking wet!

Today we started building a base for upcoming marathon training. Most of the group is doing a winter marathon, and at present we're looking at evaluating our fitness to ensure our paces and goals make sense. Then we'll start training in earnest. I just hope I can stay healthy for the duration.


  1. Which race is your next target?
    Carina (not sure why I can't log in)

    1. That's a great question and I'm not sure! I need to sign up for something stat!

  2. Oh man you are such a trooper for running in the rain, especially when it's ankle deep. I am not hard core enough for that!

  3. I hope you stay healthy as well. I think you are currently setup nicely for a marathon cycle. Do you have a specific marathon in mind?