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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

On the schedule: Houston!

In response to overwhelming peer-pressure, I registered for the Chevron Houston Marathon in January.

My running group, the Powermilers, is competing as a team, and that means that a huge group of friends will be going (I think maybe 20 of us are running). I jumped on the bandwagon for a few reasons:

  • Our team coach? president? all around good guy? (and also my acupuncturist) Jimi offered to write a group raining plan, and it makes sense for me to be doing the same race as everyone else (or at least a race on the same weekend). 
  • After two marathons in which the final miles were basically solitary non-confinement, I miss the crowds (both spectators and runners) like I had at Twin Cities. Especially as a women, big races are helpful: at my pace, I'll have plenty of people around me at all times. This won't hold as true for faster guys, but it does for my finishing times. I might get some help pacing that way!
  • Houston is pretty close, and flights are cheap.
  • I already registered for RnR New Orleans, like I do almost every year, but that stupid race is in MARCH. It will be 80 degrees here in March. I'll take a shot at Houston in January and hope for the best.
This is pretty long-term planning for me! Got any winter races on your schedule already?


  1. Hooray for having a big race on the schedule! You're lucky to have so many people to train with and do the same workouts, I think that will be a BIG help. I've read good things about Houston and have heard it's a great race for crowds and elites- and runners of all levels. Best wishes with training.

  2. I have a lot of difficulty training over Xmas (we go home, and there's usually at least 3 feet of snow), but if I stayed local for Xmas or if Houston happened to be just before the holiday or long enough after it that I could just sit out for 10 days, Houston would possibly be the only marathon I'd ever run again. I liked it that much. The course was great and it was just so well organized, plus there's also easy travel from here. One of these years I'll suck it up and train over Xmas to do it again, but the pain of that 18 miler on the treadmill a few years ago is still too fresh...

  3. Excellent! I'm doing the half in Houston! Hopefully I can cheer for you in the full after my race, and maybe we can meet in person post-race!

  4. I've heard great things about that race -- January is a good time to race in Houston!

  5. That's very exciting. I am bummed that the move RNR New Orleans to March. Why would they do that? I'm running it anyway (the half) since it's been on my bucket list for awhile but the date change was definitely a turn off.

    1. The race timing varies based on Mardi Gras, so sometimes it is in March. My PR is actually from that race when it was in March! Of course, this year it was February, and it was still high 70's.

  6. Yea for having a race on the calendar! And it will be extra fun to race with a bunch of people you know and to all be on the same training plan!