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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Recovery after a rough race

Sometimes I have a slow race and I immediately bounce back, ready to try again. Not so this week. The heat kind of took it out of me, and I needed to really recover with lighter miles and easier speed work Sunday through Tuesday. By Wednesday, I was feeling fine again, but I'm glad I didn't push anything early. I kind of wanted to, because I got anxious about my upcoming races (for which I feel underprepared), but since even the easy stuff felt tiring, I think I was smart. Despite the easier runs, I'll still finish this week with over 50 miles, thanks to transitioning into marathon training. I'm doing the tail-end of Hansons and I hope it works! I'm sure that goes against everything their plan teaches.
Have you ever modified a training plan, or done an incomplete version?


  1. What marathon are you doing?? I've never done an incomplete plan since I only did one marathon a year so never had to cut one short since I had soooo much time to prepare. But for a seasoned runner like you, I think cutting it short is totally fine!

  2. I've been sick this week so I'm still trying to bounce back since OMR. Ugh !

    I think I've altered plans in every way possible, ha ha.
    I'm impressed with your mileage. Wow !
    Hope your upcoming training goes well Grace.