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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Hitting five hundred

This time around, my Saucony Kinvara 5's made it to 500 miles...barely. One marathon training cycle and two washes later, they're done.
This is what they looked like at 500 miles (surprisingly clean, thanks to my final run in them including a flash flood with ankle deep water):
Most of the wear is on the inside, under my bunion :(

The sides blew out thanks to my wide feet. This happens in all my shoes.

Significant wear on the insole

So really, not that bad. Besides the typical holes at my (wide) forefoot and insole wear, they aren't really too devastated.
I barely got 400 miles out of my last pair of Kinvara 5's, and while I ran 400 in the single pair of Kinvara 6's I owned, they should have been replaced long before. Why did this pair last longer? Probably because I alternated them with my New Balance Zantes. Rotating shoes is supposed to prolong the life of the foam by allowing it to spring back.

I have to admit, while I'm glad I got all 500 miles out of these, my feet and legs are really appreciating the new pair!

How long do your shoes last? 


  1. You must have incredibly strong feet... The Kinvara is not quite a minimalist shoe, but its nota beefy clunky heavy shoe either. I wouldn't expect them to last 500 miles. I have heard that those shoes only last around 200 miles.

    I have sissy feet, and I replace my shoes at 300 miles, and I now rotate 2-3 different pairs. I also have skinny narrow feet, and I'm going through a tough time right now...

  2. Yeah, that's about what I get out of my Kinvaras, which is less that some other shoes I use. For example I have a 4+ year old pair of original Brooks Launch that are still going strong at over 1000 miles.

  3. I try to drag mine out to about 500 too. I typically go by the "do my lower legs feel like crap everyday" rule. Of course the running store tries to tell me 200-300 but I figure they just want me to be back sooner $$. I think I got 500 on my last pair of shoes and the bottoms were worn smooth but otherwise they still looked almost-new, which was kind of annoying to replace shoes that looked good!