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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Party weekend

The Christmas party season is in full swing!
Friday night I rushed home from a very busy workday to attend our church's Christmas party. It's always a chili cook-off, and this year I was a judge.
Receiving my ballot and judge instructions
We're a crack team of judges! 

That task necessitated tasting no fewer than seventeen chilis!
It ended up being a very long night, because I'd also volunteered to head up clean-up afterwards, and that place was a disaster after the party. We didn't finish up until midnight.

The very next night we had to drive all the way to Baton Rouge for David's work party. His employer has offices in Baton Rouge and New Orleans, and they alternate years with location hosts, so off to the capitol we went. First we voted in the Louisiana run-off elections, making us the best-dressed couple to vote.
We voted! In cocktail attire! 

I always lean a little conservative for work parties, obviously, and found this year's dress at the Salvation Army. It's a little glittery, so it's party material, but it's not too short and, with a scoop neck and long sleeves, is pretty covered up.

Kinda shapeless. 
The drive back from Baton Rouge meant that we faced another late night, but luckily the third party of the weekend was an afternoon event: a baptism and reception for a friend's twins.
And now, I need a little break from parties. Just one next week!
How's your party schedule this Christmas?


  1. I think your party dress is absolutely lovely! I'm digging the trend back to long sleeves for formal wear. Also, your church group seems like fun, even if they leave heathen chili disasters in their wake :)

  2. That dress is beautiful! I love that it has sleeves! I'm always freezing so am all about dresses with sleeves. Last week was a full week of parties - Tues night I had my Minneapolis work one, Thursday night I had the Chicago work one, and then on Saturday night we had Phil's work one. Plus we had a holiday brunch at a friend's house on Sunday! It was a packed week! I have one more party this on Monday for my dept and then I'm done. Phew. Kind of ridic that I have 3 work parties (none of which include sig others!).