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Friday, December 9, 2016

A nice surprise!

I knew I was third female at the Middendorf's Manchac ten miler, but when I talked to race volunteers afterward, they told me that only first overall got awards. So I went home, since I had to get ready to host a big party that night. But later, I found that first through third got awards. Another runner told me that awards were glass mugs, and suggested I email the director. I was tempted, because I do so LOVE race cups, but I never did - mostly because if the director said, "Great, drive all the way out to Kenner and pick it up" I'd feel obligated to do so, even though it would be at least an hour round trip ('s like ten miles and ten thousand cars away from my house).

Anyway...this came in the mail today!

Turns out that top three also got gift certificates, and I am very excited to take a shopping trip to Varsity Sports!