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Thursday, December 15, 2016

76 degrees

And 98% humidity. That's my race forecast!
I don't know why I keep drawing the short straw on race weather these days. I can't believe it will be that warm - and the windy, wet air won't help anything. I have been feeling much faster and fitter lately, but any hope for a fast race is out the window now. I am honestly considering skipping the race: I paid very little through early registration ($35 for a half-marathon!) and it's all the way on the Westbank. And I really do not relish running thirteen miles in hot and humid weather!

But I'll still do it, because David's running it, too, and why should just one of us do the race? He hasn't been running as much lately, so it took a lot of work and effort for him to get back to that mileage, so I know he doesn't want to skip the race. Not after all that hard work.

So, the race will happen anyway, and I will just have to suck it up and hope for a good race down the line. The problem is, this makes three bad races in a row: Middendorf's was a disaster, as I worsened a hamstring strain at close to the very end, and Turkey Day was one of the worst races I've ever run, running my marathon pace for five miles! I'm not normally one to get psyched out, but really - three sucky races? That would play with anyone's head.

What's the worst race weather you've ever had? I have to say, Boston in the '90s and the Publix Marathon at 85F both beat Saturday's weather!


  1. Yuck!! I would definitely put this under "reasons I could never live in the south" - it's 10 degrees and windy here and I think I'd prefer that for a race over 76 and humid!

    Worst race weather, Boston 2012 no contest (I think that's the year you're talking about too, right?). Ugh, absolute death. I will never forget having some spectator ask me if I wanted a grape popsicle and deliriously screaming OH MY GOD YES before grabbing it out of her hands hahaha. I think if the weather is ever forecast to be 80+ for a marathon again, I'm out.

    1. Oh, the weather has changed. Now it's going to be 79 degrees. SEVENTY NINE.

  2. Well, yesterday we ran 8 miles in 6 degree temps, if that makes you feel any better. And we had to stop for a moose in the trail. Standing around in those kinds of temps when you're barely dressed is not fun, lol. So cold temps aren't always ideal either. P.S. You should schedule a marathon up here in Alaska. The summer temps are ideal for running. Good luck in your race.

  3. Running in the heat is the worst. A bad race here is the fault of the conditions, though, not you. Would that help mentally?

    My worst race weather was definitely this past summer in South Dakota, when race day temps climbed to 100 (81* at the 6 a.m. start). I had trained so hard for that race, but I can't handle that heat and missed the mile 70 cut off (bike, obviously, not running). So disappointing.

  4. Update: forecast up to 79F. Gracious.

  5. I can not believe it is still that hot there! Meanwhile it's crazy cold here (windchill forecast for tomorrow is -41!!!!!). Worst race weather I've ran in was a Valentine's Day 5k when it was about -10F. Just awful and miserable.