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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Week 8 post-op: hip physical therapy

I thought I'd share with you my daily PT now that I'm able to extend my range of motion a little (I'll be at week 8 in two more days). Today, it looks like this (reps vary based on time constraints):

1. Planks. Front, left side, right side (about 1 min each).
2. Quadruped series: On hands and knees. Leg lifts straight, then knee bent at 90 degrees, then fire hydrants, then hurdles (10 - 30 of each, each side).
3. Squats - usually 25 or 50; sometimes wall squats; sometimes one-legged if I'm feeling ambitious.
4. Bulgarian split squats (I put my back leg up on the second stair step - 10 each side).
5. Walking lunges: the length of the house and back (it's 34 total. My house is 17 lunges long).
Just walking through the house.
6. Monster walks with resistance band - length of the house and back with band around calves and then thighs while squatting. I didn't count these.

7. Clams series: with resistance band, then with extension. Twenty - thirty each.
8. Bridges series: with resistance band (abduct at top of bridge), then one-legged. Thirty each.
9. Leg lift series: side lying, with toe neutral, pointed up, then pointed down; front leg lifts. Ten each.

I do more when I'm actually at PT (he has the cool toys, like ankle weights, exercise balls, kettle bells, straps) but this is a nice, short series I can manage in the mornings before the gym.


  1. I see lots of familiar exercises here that are in my regular repertoire. And those darn bands. part of my daily routine! Glad you continue to make progress.

  2. It makes me smile that you know how many lunges long your house is. :)

  3. I love resistance bands, but they pull my leg hair and that hurts. You're gonna have stronger and better than ever hips. That looks like quite a bit of work, good job - keep it up - I need a real race out of you this spring or summer.

  4. So many hip strengthening exercises. You'll be the woman of steel before too long.

  5. Good exercises. I may have to calculate my apartment in lunges. (I know what it is in mopping time. That's a good workout too, right?) I'm impressed by your commitment!

  6. Crazy. I am doing the bulgarian split squat- started about 8 weeks ago- and I think it's what has helped balance me out more than any other exercise.

  7. That is great that you are able to do all of these exercises. I was recently introduced to bulgarian split squats and holy cannasta those were hard for me!!!