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Saturday, February 7, 2015

The fellow turned forty

I gave my husband explicit instructions to not turn 40, but his big birthday rolled around anyway. David is about eight years older than I am, a fact that I discovered accidentally several months into our dating relationship. I had been talking to a friend who was weighing the pros and cons of attending her high school reunion.
Me: "I don't know what to tell her, David. Do you think you'll go to your ten-year reunion?"
David: "Huh? I already went."
And that's how I found out that the man that little 21-year-old me was dating was 29, going on 30 pretty soon. It's not a big age difference now, but when he was a successful 30 year old lawyer and I was 22 and hadn't even started graduate school yet, it was.
David is lucky, because no one ever guesses his age: he looks very, very young. He had maybe three gray hairs by now (my fault entirely, I own it), but he's wrinkle-free and still pretty adorable in my opinion. So we can still pass for a young couple.
And to prove it, I made David take this picture, just woken up and deathly ill. 

I threw him a big party at Phillip's for the occasion, and as luck would have it, became deathly ill right before that weekend. I'm afraid I wasn't much of a hostess, and to top it all off, my gift to David was my bad cold. It was still a nice party - it was so easy to have Phillip's do everything (I talked to them just once - we go there all the time, I trust the owners, and I just gave a check and they handled everything). And it was lovely to see a lot of old friends.
No pictures, because we were too busy partying! And my phone stayed in my purse, which was a really cute textured purple clutch. I don't love purple, but just a tiny accent piece works well (the rest of my outfit was black).
This is the watch I got him.

Since it's the splurge birthday, I got David a nice watch- some Rolex that cost as much as a used car. Just kidding. He'd kill me. I got him a nice watch, but nowhere near that cost ballpark. It's understated and classic, just like him!
And on his real birthday, I bought him cough drops and Delsym. Sorry about that, babe.


  1. Happy Birthday to David! I would never guess that he is 40 either! He is definitely aging well! And the watch you got him is beautiful! I love classic, timeless gifts like that!

  2. Happy Birthday David! He doesn't look bad for a sick old guy! :)

  3. Nice of you to give him your cold. They say sharing is caring but I bet he could have done without it this time.

  4. "Happy birthday, honey! Here's a rhinovirus." Colds aside it sounds like a wonderful celebration. Happy birthday to David!

  5. Happy Birthday to David! My husband and I have an age gap of 11 years -- huge when we talk about music, TV, and recent history (Vietnam, moon landing, etc.) that we skipped over in school (or did the last day of class) and he or his older brothers lived.

  6. Happy belated to David! Definitely doesn't look a day over 29! ;)

  7. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!