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Friday, February 13, 2015

New doctor: hello and good-bye

My hip surgeon cruelly left me in January, moving to Florida to open a private practice. He transitioned all his patients to another doctor in the practice, who also does hips (although I think he's more of a knee guy). I met Dr. Heard for my final post-op appointment.
The appointment was really brief. I don't have any complaints, and the things that cause me pain are exactly as expected. He wrote me a prescription to continue PT, and told me not to come back, so I guess that's that!
I reconfirmed with him the return-to-running date Dr. Van Sice had set - 12 weeks post-op. Dr. Heard is actually more conservative (I don't even see how that's possible) than Dr. Van Sice, and said he usually has patients back at 4 months, not 3, but he gave me the go-ahead. He said his choice of dates is mostly based on patients' reported pain, so just don't run if it hurts too much (but he reminded me again that it will hurt a little. Yep, I know!).
I did clear with him running the Crescent City Classic in April, and he said that was fine, too; he just made me promise to walk if it hurt.

The next thing on my recovery agenda is to start working on range of motion. I delayed that a lot, waiting for my internal stitches to heal, but it's time. I am pretty stiff and the ends of my range of motion cause pain - and I definitely want that taken care of before I return to running. I don't want ROM limitations to affect my form. I know it's going to hurt, but it's got to be done. Time to be friends with the stretching strap again!


  1. Great that your new doc is giving you a green light with your plans. Running a race in April is very exciting!

  2. Fingers crossed recovery keeps going well! Good luck with the ROM work.

  3. It sounds like your doc is pretty reasonable. He just expects you to be sensible and you've proved that you can be that.