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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Seven weeks post-op

I feel so much better after this surgery than the last one. I don't want to jinx myself by saying it, but I really think this surgery was quite successful and will heal with minimal lasting impact. Seven weeks after surgery on my left hip, I had a depressing visit with my doctor. I was in quite a lot of pain, and he wondered if the surgery had failed because the damage was so extensive prior to surgery. It turns out that I began feeling much better in a few weeks, but at the time I really didn't know if I'd made the right choice by having the surgery done.
This time, I just haven't had as many issues. I have had more stiffness and less mobility, because range of motion restrictions were extended due the repair rather than debridement of the labrum, but the joint doesn't really hurt very much.
Right around 6 weeks is when I would have been cleared to do a lot more activity, but unfortunately I haven't because I've been really sick for the past week. I actually went to the clinic and got an antibiotic, because my throat and tonsils were terribly infected (pus in your mouth. GROSS.). For the last week, I've done virtually nothing - no PT, no exercise bike, no strength, no core work. I was just too sick. But this morning I went to my PT appointment, and I ran 15 minutes at 70% of body weight on the Alter G. It felt pretty good, just about painless, and the plan is to do 75% next week, 80% the week after that, then 85%, 90%, then - cleared to start running.
Now that I'm starting to feel marginally better (and I'm not coughing so much), I will be heading back to the gym or at least exercising at home. I can now:
- Elliptical with no resistance or ramp restrictions
- Bike outdoors
- Add in a little range of motion work

I also have to get back on the PT/strength bandwagon, because my week off (plus general weakness from sickness) had me doing pretty poorly with my PT. He was totally making fun of my puny lack of strength. He wanted me doing 1:30 front planks x 3, and I am so serious when I say that I was about to collapse on the third one. And I was sweating buckets.
I better get on it this week. Christian is threatening me with a 3 minute plank.


  1. That sounds like a miserable week--glad it's over. And look how close you are to running for real!

  2. Yeah, it seemed like until this bout of sickness, this post-op seemed to be going much better. Glad you're almost back in the saddle. And BTW, if the words "pus in your mouth" were never written again ... anywhere ... it'd be okay.

  3. There's nothing like a bout of killer flu to knock you down for a bit. I hope you're feeling a lot better soon.

  4. Oof, that sounds grim. Glad you're feeling a little better now. How on earth did you get so infected and what with?

  5. I read "pus in your mouth" like "puss... in boots" from Shrek, which made me crack up.

    Anyway, sorry you've been sick, but I'm glad that this round of recovery is going so much better for you!!

  6. Sorry to hear that you were so sick but I am glad that your recovery is going so well!