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Monday, February 23, 2015

Testing, testing

While I was sick for weeks, it was freezing cold here (well, I mean, 30's, but remember that we have no insulation in our house) and our heater was broken. Thursday night it miraculously came on, just in time for a heat wave on Friday. I didn't care. I basked in the 90 degree kitchen and thawed my frozen rib cage out (the heat really did help it).
But Saturday morning I woke up to warm, humid breezes, an overcast sky, and a park begging me to run through it.

Selfie attempt abandoned after one mis-timed shot because
the garbage men came up the street and I felt silly. And yes!
Our road, although not paved yet, is clear enough for the
garbage truck to get down it!
Now, don't get mad. I just alternated running and walking block by block to the park. I ran on the streetcar tracks, so it was a soft surface. Really I just wanted to get out of the house, but I rationalized it by telling myself that I wanted to test my hip and see what exactly still needed work. Like, if my hip flexors felt tight, that's what I'd focus on for the next few weeks.

I got to the park, walked the 2-mile loop, did some form drills, then repeated my walk-run on the way back.
Report: I felt pretty good. I could definitely feel work done on that hip, but no pain. Range of motion while running felt equal. After I got home, I had some hip snapping on the right. My psoas tendon is probably inflamed and irritated; this can continue post-surgery for awhile because the tendon and muscle catch on the enlarged/scarred joint area. Once the surgical area returns to normal, this lessens and hopefully goes away.
Something I didn't expect was the rib pain while running! It was pretty terrible! But I was only going a block, so I dealt with it; and after I got back, my ribs actually felt a little better. A little motion is probably good for them. If they don't heal up, however, I will not be running in 2 weeks: it hurts too much right now for more than a block at a time.


  1. You have been through the ringer and no one can blame you for wanting to get out and move a bit!

  2. It's okay - you were doing it sensibly so we won't get mad with you. I'm pretty sure that you wouldn't do anything to make matters worse after what you've been through lately.

  3. I'm not mad ... just very very disappointed.

  4. I am happy that you can run, even if it's just a little bit! You will be better in no time, you just have to be patient!