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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Running from Phillip's Bar

Every Thursday, Varsity Sports does a group run that ends at a bar or restaurant for some drinks and socializing. I finally got my request granted, and we met at Philip's bar!
This is my favorite bar, because it's a block away. We're friends with the owners, who've been our neighbors for 12 years - as long as our landlords and longer than anyone else in our transient, college neighborhood.
Me (in blue) wearing running clothes even though I'm a walker now.
David and I made it out to this run, although I was miserably walking. Boo. We don't make all the Thursday runs - if they're too far away, I can't make it time with my work schedule. But just down the street? I can handle that!
The night was perfect - high 60's - and we sat on the lovely patio for drink specials and sliders. It was a fabulous way to unwind with friends. I miss socializing with these guys when I'm out injured!


  1. Awww, man. You've got me missing my Tues night group now. ;) We have a local Italian place that hosts us on Tues night- fun fun! Glad you guys were able to put something together for everyone. Does your hubby run, too?

    1. Yes, that's him next to me in yellow. He ran his first marathon last January but has kind of fallen off the bandwagon since then!