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Monday, November 11, 2013

Kayaking on the Bayou

Just another beautiful day in New Orleans, enjoying Bayou St. John in a tandem kayak.

We paddled around amid pelicans, cranes, turtles, and fish. There was a cool breeze, but the sun was warm until it set in splendid color.
I'm definitely buying a kayak now. Once I can use my hands again, that is. Apparently there is a muscle at the top of your wrist that you use to flex your hand. I discovered it after two hours paddling, and now I can't brush my teeth.
Swollen, red wrist! 

But once I can reach into my wallet to pull out my credit card, I'm buying a kayak and spending every weekend on the bayou!


  1. Nice! I bought one a few years back (i was injured at the time!) and love it. So peaceful.

  2. We love our kayaks! We love Ft. Morgan near Gulf Shores. It's beautiful; the dolphins swim by us!

  3. Sweet! I love me some good kayaking.