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Monday, November 4, 2013

NYC marathon!

ESPN2 had great coverage of yesterday's marathon, so I wrapped up in a bathrobe, got a cup of tea, and watched the two-hour highlights program.
Ugh, WHY do marathons tug at my emotions so?!
Images like this make me cry.
I had mascara on (for church, got to look pretty for God) and I kept tearing up. I know what it's like to be in a city recovering from a devastating flood, and I just wanted to hug everyone. And run the marathon. I mean, I really did. The footage of the streets of New York and the finish in Central Park made me want to line up in the freezing cold with all those people and run 26 miles.
Speaking of freezing cold, New Orleans suddenly registered that it was November, and I got to break out the first sweater of the year. Chilly bliss!
Blurry sweater selfie
David's winter clothes are still packed, so he shivered in a windbreaker and scarf all day.

There are lots of great stories from NYCM, but my favorite is Meb's. Meb has had a rough year, just getting off injury, but he showed class today. Watch the video of his short interview.

So anyway. This marathon thing. I have a suspicion that I WILL run a marathon again. In fact, maybe fast. Who knows? But I might put NYC on my list. I know it's expensive, it's a huge ordeal, it's held during a busy time of year (work-wise) for me. Nevertheless, I want to run it, but it might not be soon. For one thing, there's the issue of getting into the race. I could do lottery, but I want to qualify. Right now the qualifying times aren't horrifyingly stringent, so I could do it. Just not any time soon. Anyone run New York and care to share thoughts? Loved it? Too crowded? Inspiring?
And what was your favorite moment or story from the race?


  1. I loved Meb, too. He's a class act. I haven't run NY, but wouldn't mind some day--I just think that one would have to be about the experience and not the time w/ all those people and the somewhat slow course. I think you should definitely add it to your list!

  2. I posted that interview with Meb on facebook yesterday. I love, love, love him. I ran NYC on Meb's team in 2011 and was supposed to last year when it was cancelled. Josh took the deferment and will run next year and I may qualify and run. It is awesome, but SO crowded. I think all marathoners should do it at least once. :) I get all emotional watching marathons too!!! Love this sport.

  3. This all reminds me of a dream I had last night where I was in a marathon that was too crowded to run in..
    Still, if you qualify- and I definitely see that as within your reach ;) - you could strap on a bib and start in the front. Clear sailing!!
    BTW, great sweater selfie! I bet you are loving "winter" :)

  4. I would love love to do NYC marathon one day.

  5. I got all emotional too when I was watching yesterday! So inspiring. Made me want to try to run NYC sometime in the future. Qualifying for you would be cake. I'd have to work for it. But thankfully there are other ways to get in.

  6. I've never done NYC, but after visiting NYC for the first time in Aug, now I see why it is the #1 marathon in the world. The crowds, the noise, the sights - I bet the spectator noise while running on 5th Ave and in Central Park is amazing.

  7. I've never even dreamed of running a marathon until the events in Boston. While I can't imagine ever being able to run multiple marathons, I will run one. I love NYC so I think that would be perfect!!! I'd love to watch Boston at least once as well :)

  8. I would love to run NYC someday. I've put my name in the lottery the last 2 years but so far no luck. I'll try again next year.