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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Finally fall!

What's going on, Louisiana?! Suddenly we get fall leaves? I've never seen this kind of color in New Orleans before!
Leaves picked up on my street

Along with fall leaves, gusty winds, and humidity under 70% some days, the pharmacists' license renewals are showing up in the mail (They're due each December).
That means I have to finish up my continuing education units and fork over the money. My employer doesn't pay for my license, but it's just $100 so I can deal. Luckily, I never have to pay for CEs, since nearly all pharmacy CEs are free (and sometimes come with dinner!).
Meanwhile, my husband's legal CEs are expensive - sometimes hundreds of dollars! Clearly this is because lawyers are rats.

Do you have license renewals or CE for your job, and who pays? You or your employer?


  1. The paralegals at my firm have to pay for their own classes AND have to use their on PTO to attend them. I don't have to take any classes or do any certifications as an assistant though.

  2. Look at that. In Houston the leaves are green one day; brown the next day; and on the ground the following day.

  3. We haven't had the nicest of falls around here…it was extremely dry in Aug/Sept, so lots of the leaves just turned brown and feel off. The temps have been all over the place, too!

    Good luck getting the CEs in…being self-employed in the writing industry, I don't have to think much about that kind of thing!

  4. Luckily my employer pays for my licenses. Our state medical license and CSRs are a couple hundred dollars but it's almost $3000 now to get a DEA renewal. It's a piece of paper for cripes sakes!! We also have a CME allowance each year. Most people use it to go to a conference. I have never used my entire CME allowance because I haven't had time to go to an out of town conference the last couple years (having kids will do that!)

  5. I don't have to renew a license for sales (my mid-level Bachelor's degree seems to be more than enough most days) But as a manufacture's rep, I provide CEU's to architects and engineers. My training has to be generic to our industry and I can't push our products, but it seems to be an accepted practice in the construction chemicals industry.

    Who provides your CEU's? I would hope it's someone a little more qualified than a sales rep.