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Sunday, November 17, 2013

I love this: Antique-store chair

My husband and I wandered into an antique store in Bay St. Louis mostly for amusement. The antique stores in Mississippi tend to be more along the lines of, "Here's an old Coca-Cola sign to hang on your barn!" than "It's believed to have belonged to Anne of Cleves." This one is particularly entertaining because
1. It is approximately 4 miles long. You go into a tiny building and walk until your legs fall off, and you're still in the middle of old crocheted lace, depression glass, and a pile of extremely creepy 1800's glass and wire spectacles. It never ends. There are somewhere close to 40 rooms in this building.
2. It contains almost entirely junk.

Yet this time I was drawn straight to this fascinating little chair, a celluloid and leather throne if you will, and when I saw the $49 price tag we snatched it up! Really, it's a steal. It looks fabulous in our living room, it's comfortable, and it's unique. I love it!

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