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Friday, March 1, 2013

And now it hurts :(

Well, this is strange. After several rest days following Sunday's half marathon, my hamstring pain returned. This was after rest. I am baffled. It started while I was sitting in a meeting! And strangely it was better after a run. I just don't know anymore. I had plenty of time to wonder why this pain keeps reoccurring as I sat on Claiborne Ave for 15 minutes this morning, waiting for this trucker to figure out how to get into the Taco Bell parking lot:
Do they serve breakfast there or something?
Despite that, my pondering left me still lost. Chronic tendinopathy? Nerve damage? Who knows.

So, that was pretty frustrating. But I am still doing better than I was before. I just wish the pain had stayed away!


  1. Prolotherapy might be worth a shot. Get it? SHOT? But I am serious.

    And I'm bummed for you that the pain is recurring.

  2. That stinks girl. But I will say that something I've noticed lately, is when I give myself a little more rest than normal, like an extra day or something, little injuries seem to come to the surface, which is weird. My legs always feel fresher overall, but for some reason those little nagging injuries seem to be evident again. Maybe, since you felt so good in your race, and up until now, it will pass quickly.

  3. is it your proximal hamstring, sort of near your butt? where the hamstring inserts? that's where I had my issue and it's almost 100% gone after some exercises and stuff.

  4. Hamstring tear (went from my bitt down to just above back of knee)in High school still rears it's ugly head after 30 yrs later, so I can feel your pain. I agree with Jim (above) and I would ice at the end of the day. My ortho dr has always said that. I love the compression tights and shorts too.