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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I'm racing because I'm dumb

After a track workout in which I could not complete my 1000 meter portions thanks to cranky crotch (or so my running partner so kindly termed my osteitis pubis injury), I knew just what to do to improve my mood: sign up for a race!
Yeah, not that smart. This morning I'm running the "Four on the Fourth" race in Covington. It's a small race known for a hot, shadeless, breezeless course. Combine that with my injury and completely lost endurance and I should be chalking up some amazing times. Amazingly slow.
My running group obviously enjoyed it last year, though.
The body suit is insane! It's July in Louisiana! 

A certain speed demon I know read my post yesterday and recommended the Mizuno Musha as my free pair.

I like what I've read about them: wider and more cushioned than the Ronin. I don't like that they're billed as stability shoes, although there are plenty of reviews out there that lean toward neutral. Wearing stability shoes hurt my knees. Any thoughts? Any Musha runners out there?


  1. LOVE the costumes from last year! Can't wait to read about this one... Btw- signing up for a race always makes me feel a little better too. I'm a sucker for just about any race these days.

  2. You're too kind;-) and again, I definitely think out of all the lightweight, more neutral Mizuno options - you would be happiest with these. I just ran my 4 on the 4th in them, and they gave me a good run:)