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Thursday, July 5, 2012

First run back...

...From Denmark.
Abe in Copenhagen...which is flat. Alsborg, where he was studying, is hilly.

My little brother Abe's back in town after a semester in Denmark, and we went for a 3:00 pm run the day after he returned. He thought he would be in pretty good shape after running hills for 6 months, but he was not acclimated to the brutal heat. Not at all!
In fact, our short 4.5 miler had him winded and nauseated (and we were running at my pace - much slower than his on a good day; pathetic while injured).
I often forget how tough the heat here really is. I don't do a lot of strenuous running in the summer, so I don't suffer too much; plus, I generally acclimate slowly as the seasons progress. This year was harder, since I took a break right when temperatures were really warming up. I got back running and the humidity was way, way more oppressive.
I hope summer running builds toughness and endurance, but for some reason I think all it does is get my body accustomed to slower speeds.

Your take on summer runs:
- Use them to build endurance?
- Take them easy?
- Take them inside to the treadmill?


  1. it doesn't get too hot here in Kenya-still cool for morning runs. but in Kuwait, when it got very hot, I would be slogging it on the treadmill-which I hate

  2. Last summer was my 1st on the Gulf Coast. I moved my workouts indoors, and wound up with a hip injury (too many treadmill miles) and not acclimated to outdoor running. My race paces suffered GREATLY.

    This summer I've stuck with outdoor running, and while I've slowed a little, my workouts are still pretty consistent (a little less speedwork, a little more long-slow-distance).

    I think I'm happier with the (sweaty!) results.

  3. for me it is take it easy outside because it is too hot here already and if it is above 90 I go to the gym and hit the TM.

  4. I ususally use summers to just keep a base of about 10 miles, get in a little hill work, run a few 5ks and 10ks for fun, etc. I've had a September or October marathon before, which was a little more challenging, but still usually gave me a break for the hottest summer months. I like having a summer to just play and keep the cooler temps for more intense racing and training.

  5. Using for endurance is the same as taking it easy to me, but I define endurance by long/slow so may be different meanings to others. I think that here in the South we gotta take it easy and pay attn to the signals our body gives us. The heat and humidity do a toll!

    I don't understand how people run at 3pm/the middle of te day. I guess I'm weaker mentally!