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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The jewelry and clothing of the season

Sometimes I get a few pieces of clothing or jewelry that I find myself reaching for over and over again. Then I rotate my closet and that solves that problem. No, I'm kidding - these are actually just really great pieces for the summer.

First off I have these amazing wedges. The pewter snakeskin is basically a neutral and so much more unique than silver or gold, and the thick straps provide a comfortable fit that doesn't cut or blister. And the hot pink lining that peeps out is just enough color! I wore these with white cigarette slacks and a deep indigo top for a gallery opening.

Next up are these lightweight enamel earrings in a summery sunburst pattern and warm colors. These are the posts I bought with my sister, and I've been loving them with a plain white T-shirt and scarf, a casual black dress, and a crisp brown blazer with rolled up sleeves.
When I wear post earrings at work, they have to be very light (these are, thanks to a thin hammered back) and can't have long posts in the back - otherwise I'd stab myself every time I pick up the phone. This pair fits the bill.

I had to replace my standard maxi-dress this summer. I think a maxi dress is a summer staple, especially a knit dress in a solid color. It's great to throw on in hot weather and if you forgot to shave, no biggie. I wore my old dress to death, plus it was a little low cut for me.
My new dress is actually from Kmart and was a $14 sale. Good thing, because it was a good 6 inches too short. I added 7 inches for good measure by cutting off the hem of my old dress and adding it on. So now I have a deep navy dress with a purple-navy stripe...but at least it's long enough! I love the crocheted lace back and the covered-up top.

Actually this dress required so much altering I might as well have sewn the whole thing: I had to alter the armholes, the neckline, and the straps in addition to adding the bottom flounce. I actually thought about sewing a dress, but I wanted a knit dress and I don't have the necessary serger.

I felt so bad about buying this hammered metal bracelet - not because it was expensive (it was a trade item from Buffalo Clothing Exchange, so it was actually free!) but because I didn't know David had just ordered me another silver cuff bracelet as a surprise gift! But the two styles are totally different, and I've been wearing both a lot. David's gift is a lot dressier, but I've worn both with casual outfits, too.

So there's my summer wardrobe, more or less. What have you been wearing this summer?


  1. You're much more fashionable than me, lol. I usually just go for the standard shorts and tank with flip flops. Cute items! :)

  2. You are super stylish. Me - not so much. :) I am pretty much "runner casual" all the time. Except for church. :)

  3. Your stuff is so cute! I usually wear jeans, tank tops and flip flops! Or my running clothes!

  4. I have two silver cuff bracelets. One is a heavy, native American looking one; the other, a lighter weight, more modern cuff with a swirly pewter streak in the center. I thought when my husband got me the second one that two silver cuffs were overkill, but like you, I wear them both. And even when I am very dressed down - like in an Athleta skort, a tank top, and birkenstocks - adding one of those cuffs really goes a long way toward making me feel less schlumpy.
    I love those wedges! And I'm a big believer in pewter too. It's so versatile!