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Friday, May 18, 2012

My bones are inflammed :(

After taking a week off running, I returned to the track hoping for a pain-free run.
It hurt.
So I made an appointment with some sports medicine docs. First I did a little Googling and self-diagnosing, because I know doctors really appreciate that. I decided I either had a sports hernia or osteitis pubis. I was kind of hoping it was a sports hernia so I wouldn't have to put "pubis" all over the interwebs.
It's not a sports hernia.

#5 is the inflammed bone - the pubic symphysis.
From here.
It looks like my bad decision to avoid the gym for several months (plus my propensity for running counterclockwise around the track at Audubon park every single time) paid off with injury. Luckily, it's pretty mild. I'm running just fine on it. It hurts, but not much, and the chance of the injury leading to further injury is slim. Right now I'm looking at some physical therapy to learn strengthening exercises for my adductors, and possibly NSAIDS. If PT and rest doesn't make the pain go away I may move to steroids (either oral or injected - the recommendation is "insert a 20-guage needle one to two inches until a pop is heard as it enters the joint" - gag) or ultrasound treatment, but that doesn't seem likely.
Right now I'm still running because it is so mild, and because PT doesn't roll around until the 30th. In addition to strengthening and flexibility exercises, I'm hoping the therapist can notice if I have any problems with my gait or anatomy that could contribute.

I feel kind of silly for letting this happen, since the months I skipped the gym were filled with thoughts like, "Isn't this a recipe for injury?". I won't do it again, that's for sure!
Do you ever feel like you have to choose between running and strength for the sake of time? I know I do all the time, and running always wins over packing up and driving to the gym. Always!


  1. you are scraing me...
    that question at the end: YES and me too running wins....

    I am headed back to the gym for running soon because school will be out next week

    I hope you get better soon

  2. Ouch! Wishing you a fast recovery! You've reminded me to keep at my strength exercises.

  3. I'm on a no-running plan for running. Ha! The idea is to minimize the amount of running without sacrificing strength and fitness...and, in fact, increasing strength and fitness. It's a plan with those who have trouble when they up their mileage in mind. I am so focused on cross-training now...who has time to run? LOL

  4. And meant to say right off the bat...I really hope you're feeling better soon. Pain really sucks.

  5. I swear, I totally had this (self-diagnosed, of course) last summer. It felt much better when I started rotating shoes. Get a couple new pair! Didn't you say you wore your others ones way the heck out?

    Yes. I had to choose between running and weight training this last cycle (when I started reaching upwards of 60 mpw). I chose running and I lost. It is a difficult balance, and one that I need to reevaluate as I reach the end (hopefully) of this 5 week long injury. I may not be able to run as much as I want because I simply get injured without strength training. Sucks.

    Get better soon!

    1. You got me. I wear my shoes until they're shreds!

  6. Great most recent run!! I see on your side bar that this isn't slowing you down too much. Yes, strength gets skipped over a lot. Injury sucks. I really hope you get to the bottom of all of this and get 100% quick quick quick.

  7. Ouch. I am glad that you went to a doctor to get to the bottom of it though! Hopefully you'll be back to 100% soon. Dealing with injuries really, really sucks!

  8. That stinks! I'm glad thought that you can run through it. It will help you maintain your sanity. And the choice between strength and running? Yeah, I'm with you! Happy healing.

  9. Ugh and I HATE the gym! Dr. Google has me convinced that I could have avoided my pirformis injury if I'd actually done strength training with my legs while training for my marathon, and despite knowing that now and being in a stage of training up for some summer races, I still haven't been able to force myself to go to the gym.

  10. Sure if time were never an issue I would hit the gym. I would also always stretch, ice, massage... etc. But that isn't my reality. Maybe someday! :-)

    Hope you are able to work through this injury quickly!

  11. yes, I always choose the run, but I've been much better with the strength side the last year. i like the Supreme90day (like p90X, but cheaper). 30-40 min., fast pace, & you can do it at home with dumbbells For me, it's a time saver rather than going to the gym.

    Interesting to note, I've had mild piriformis in the past, but after adding the consistent strength stuff it's disappeared totally. (even when I went up to 70 miles last fall)

    one last note, for me - anytime my back starts hurting, I check my shoe mileage first. For me, that's almost always a sign that it's time to retire one of my shoes in my rotation (I rotate 3-5 pair at a time)

    Hope you heal soon. Please let us know if you learn any cool new strength exercises from the PT.

    I thought of you yesterday. I forgot to bring my running shoes to South LA. Eeeeekkkk! I tried to run yesterday, in some OLD, worn-out shoes. I stopped at 1 mile fearing an injury. So, off I went yesterday to find some on sale running shoes. I found some Reebok Premier Verona KFS cushioned running shoes on sale for $45.00. I don't think I've ever tried Reebok running shoes. Proceeding cautiously today. Heading out now. Happy Sunday!

  12. I LOVE strength training, and still always choose running over it. And I also notice a big difference in everything, for the worse, when I don't stick with strength training regularly. That seems like a tough little injury, but glad to hear it doesn't sound too bad. It's amazing how many injuries come from weak ab/adductors. I've started focusing on those exercises more as well. I hope PT helps!!

  13. That sucks. But maybe it's a good chance to get some muscles and do some biking! Who knows? I hope the PT helps and that you have a better diagnosis soon!

  14. so, Nelly lead me on to you...we have some similarities in that area I guess! I am 10 months post-op from hip surgery...but other issues have arised, lucky me ;) Is your SI joint unstable as well?

    My PT and surgeons are amazing...and we have all been very patient, but it really just sucks!! no better word for it...I hope you find your answers and can start to strengthen certain areas to avoid the pain. My friend likes to call it an "arthritic vajajay ;)