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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Test run and Boston pics

Yesterday I did a short test run as allowed by my PT. I debated doing the run, since I've still been feeling pain at rest, but I decided to do it because it was getting late and I was running out of time to get to the gym!
I did 3 miles and it felt lovely to be running again!

Whenever I get back to the park after a break, I see the same faces on the track and I wonder, "Did they miss me?" See, I stalk the people in the park. If they miss a morning, I am concerned and worried. If they have a new running partner, I'm entertained and wonder if it's a boyfriend or girlfriend. If they switch directions I have a mild panic attack. I always notice new workout clothes, especially shoes, and I sort of keep tabs on their speed progression, too! (There's this one guy at the park who has been running for years and he's still just as slow. Oh wait, that's my husband! HA!). 

The run was nice. But the pain was still there. Not the same sharp, stabbing pain; instead I felt a diffuse ache. But as the day progressed I found myself doing all the old temporary fixes: popping my hip joints, doing squats, modifying my posture.
Looks like I'll need more time off.
I read an Australian study in which athletes suffering from osteitis pubis were managed with ultrasound or laser therapy daily plus NSAIDS and physical therapy. The average recovery time in weeks was 4 for stage 2 osteitis and about 6.5 for stage 3. Stage 4 took 10 weeks. Since I ignored this pain and ran marathons on it for months, I wonder which stage it is! I'm hopeful that it is not far progressed, since the actual pain level is mild.

Well, 2 months down the line, I decided to view my Boston pics. I love them for two reasons:
1. David told me he and our friends would wait for me at mile 17, but when I got there, he wasn't with our friends. The race photographer snapped pictures right after this point, and my face is SO perplexed. I look confused and distraught! Turns out David had moved to mile 18 to get a better view. (The confused pics are the ones where I'm next to the guy in the red bandana.)
2. Except for the first picture, where I look like death near the finish line, I'm barely breaking a sweat in these pictures. So weird how you can feel so uncomfortably hot, yet because you are at your body's "easy pace" you are still able to take it easy! Amazing! The human body is truly remarkable!
If you go here you should be able to select me to view pics. If you wonder which one is me, I am not Lynn.
In fact I beat Lynn, so I was the fastest Thacker to run the race. Tee hee.


  1. haha. way to call david out... hahaha. you are quite the running stalker! i rarely see the same people around my neighborhood so i just assume they're all newbies who slack off and don't stick with it. and after taking months off myself i always wonder if people think "who is this new girl and why is she so fat and slow?" :)

  2. There are a lot of photos of you! There must have been a ton of photographers! The last big race I ran, there was only 1 of me.