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Friday, June 15, 2012

Getting fat and getting muscle

While on running break I've been doing two things: Getting fat and getting muscle.

I'm getting fat because most of my activity has been restricted. I am allowed to bike ONLY. No stairclimber, no elliptical (who knew - the elliptical can cause injury to the pubic symphysis because it's actually possible to have bad form on the elliptical. Funny). Now, a good fat-burning spin class would be great, but I haven't gone to any. That's because my gym offers them at 6 am. Heck no!
So yeah, a little fat has accumulated. No big deal. Not like I'm spending the next two weekends playing host at the beach. Not like I had to go out and buy a swimsuit that actually fits. BTW, why does Victoria's Secret give you "coverage" options on their bikini bottoms?! Does anyone ever really want the "minimal coverage" cut?! Especially since this is considered "moderate coverage". Um, lady, your whole butt is hanging out.
Is that a barnacle on your finger or do you go to the beach wearing jewelry?
I've been getting muscle, too. I've been doing a lot more strength training and I realize I had gotten plumb weak (say it in a country voice). Many of the workouts I've been doing stress push ups. When I was first injured I modified these workouts because I could only do three or four girl-style push ups and not even one real push-up. Now I can do 50 girl push ups and I refuse to try the real ones in case I still can't do them.
I have now developed man arms.

I read that if you point your fingers out while doing push ups that you'll work your biceps more, and I think that works. I was starting to get really disproportionate triceps, deltoids, and pecs compared to my biceps.
Interestingly, my friend Celeste went from a 3:15 marathon (awesome) to a 3:01 marathon (astonishing) in a year and the only change she made was adding in weight training. I'm hoping when I return to running I see a benefit!


  1. oh my goodness-welcome to the gun show!

    ps- that is not a ring-but a GIANT mole!

  2. I think weight training is HUGELY beneficial to running. I'm hoping that doing crossfit this summer will make me see a difference in my running as well!

  3. You will surely see a benefit. Nice guns girl! And I laugh about the VS swimsuits. I should text you the picture of my butt in a pair of VS bottoms...HOly crap...their suits...not made for athletes with bigger buns IMO....and I don't have an exceptionally large ass but good grief, my butt was hanging out all over the place. ha ha. Excited to see this muscle building help you get faster in the next year. xoxo

  4. AH I completely understand the gaining fat part...I'm still working off some chub I gained during my gallbladder debacle. Your arms look amazing...I cant believe that's just from pushups!

    Errr, I'm the weirdo that loves the minimal bottoms option. I always buy Brazilian cut bikinis because they fit my body type better. But they arent for everyone I guess :)

    Get better soon. Being injured sucks a big one!

  5. Laughing too at the VS suit comment. I just got a moderate coverage bikini that has me with 1/2 my butt hanging. Ha! Your arms look amazing. And yes, the strength will help you get really fast when you return to running. Plus, man arms are sexy:)

  6. Holy crap! Your guns are smokin' hot. It almost makes me wanna drop and give you 20 right now.

    I've never heard that about turning your fingers out. I'll have to give that a shot. My biceps are pathetic.

  7. You're going to break 3 hours. I bet a little strength training will help, good call!

  8. I think man arms are pretty enviable :) And if my butt looked like that lady's, I don't think I'd worry about it showing in that suit. My own actual butt, on the other hand....

  9. i wonder the same about VS 'coverage'. and the tops!!! holy geeze cover those things up!