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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Disaster stikes

Fake Toms with paper-thin soles


Treacherous gravelly ground

Camouflaged one-inch screw, covered in tetanus
A real reason not to run
PS: The underside of your middle toe joint is pretty much the most tender spot on your body. 


  1. Ow! I stepped on a nail when I was a kid and I still remember how much it hurt! Get well soon!

  2. Oh no! I used to walk around barefoot as a kid and I stepped on a big nail once. It is not fun!

  3. Oh no Gracie!! I used to work at a riding stable and I stepped on a two inch roofing nail and it went right through my boot and through my foot. It was awful but healed up fairly quickly. Hope you heal fast too!

  4. bugger-i got a tiny cut on my big toe-and now it is throbbing with an infection-so no running (or walking) and i have a half in 4 weeks (which i am already behind schedule for!). sucks. sorry

  5. ACK! That made my toes curl just thinking about it!!! So sorry!

  6. Sorry about this Gracie!

    btw where can I find a fake pair of Toms on the internet?

    1. I got these at my local dollar store! They were $5. Pretty comfy except when there is a nail in the bottom of them.