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Monday, June 11, 2012

Fun in the sun - er, freezing cold conference room

I would have loved to spend my weekend in Miami at the beach, splashing around like a four year old twenty-nine year old who can't swim.
View from balcony outside conference room - torture!
Didn't happen. My schedule was far too packed!
Friday: Fly all day, barely get to Miami in time for a mandatory introductory dinner (the nice thing about my company is that they think we're high schoolers and therefore make everything mandatory). Get a chance to meet the rest of our group: twenty-five pharmacist from nationwide and Puerto Rico who are Market HIV Pharmacists. Dinner lasts until 9:30.
Saturday: Get woken up at 4:45 am by a call from security informing me that my store alarm is going off. I tell them oh well. Conference starts at 6:30 am. Lasts until 5:30 pm. Temperature approximately 47 degrees inside.
Dinner is at 6:00: so we were actually rushed to get there. This dinner is also. you guessed it, mandatory. It necessitated missing the conferences' welcome social, which would have been great networking. Dinner lasts until 8:45; we agree as a group to catch game 7 of Heats-Celtics at a nearby bar. I sleep with my eyes open. We get back at some ungodly late hour.
Sunday: Drag myself out of bed at 6:00 am, zip down to the beach, dance around in the water alone for awhile, and make it just in time for the last crumbs of breakfast. Sneak away during lunch to pack and check out; leave for the airport at 4:30.
Sit in the airport for a long time as my flight is delayed. Sit in the plane for a long time as my flight is delayed further. Sprint for my life from gate A4 to gate B18 in the Atlanta airport to make my connection by literally 30 seconds (another chick sprinted with me, we are rockstars! She was a triathlete...we figured if anyone could make it halfway across the Atlanta airport in under 4 minutes, it was us).
Get home at midnight.
Monday: Get up and go to work...
So although I did get about 30 minutes on the beach, it wasn't exactly a beach vacation. The question is, did I find time to work out?
Well, still not running (unless you count last night's sprint), but on Friday I put together a mini-boot camp in my room (unbelievably the resort gym closed at 9:00!). I squeezed it in before bed. Saturday before the conference started I got in about 25 minutes of exercise bike on the "mountain climb" program, plus some weights. Sunday I really didn't - I laid my towel out on the beach sand and did some push-ups and sit-ups, but nothing else.
Still, I'm glad I could fit something in. I really like this workout for traveling when there isn't a gym available.

What's your travel fitness routine?


  1. Wooo! Sounds like a busy trip. Boo on not being able to spend more time relaxing and soaking up the beach. I know all about those tight transfers in airports. We had a few of those on my trip to Texas with my girls. But they were troopers and hauled BUTT! Wooo hoo! Thankful that they have some running genes. :)

  2. I'm always impressed by what I can do just with my own body weight and a clear floor. Sorry about the lack of beach time in Miami!

  3. How are the tricep pushups performed? In my Body Pump class, they are like regular pushups but the arms come in and elbows stay by your side - I can barely do 5 - never mind 50! Wondering if these are done differently?


    1. I do all my push-ups like girl push-ups, so they're much, much easier.

  4. I like the warm up: Dance for 3 minutes. That sounds like a busy few days! I love that (sarcasm) they make the dinners mandatory. Why not tell it like it is and call it an extension of the day's meeting? At least you got to stick your toes in the sand!

  5. Oh, my Hawaii conference was much more low key, people in shorts and I felt overdressed in a white dress when I gave my talk. PLus, everything was done by 4pm, and no mandatory nonsense. Your company sucks at conferences. Tell them I said so:) Love the exercise program.