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Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer cleaning

If you run a lot of small, local races, eventually you start collecting some plaques and medals.*
A big stack had grown on my sewing table, and I finally decided it was time for it to go.
L to R: St Charles Road Race 10k, Publix marathon, RnR New Orleans marathon, Baton Rouge beach marathon, Clarence DeMar marathon, Mississippi Gulf Coast marathon 2010, UNCF Fun Run 5k (the first race award I ever won, way back before I ever ran at all!), Mississippi Gulf Coast marathon 2011, The Wall 30k bricks 2011 and 2012, and the NOTC Grand Prix series. 

So I took a picture and threw most of them out. Honestly, most of these races were not meaningful races for me - I got an age group award in a small race, or I won something but did not PR. Since my house has minimal storage, I have gone the route of "Save a photo, not the item" many times (my wedding dress is about to go into that category, actually!).
I did keep a few of them, though:
- I kept the plaque from Stennis 2011, because I won first overall. Yeah, it was a tiny race, but when am I ever going to win a marathon again?!
- I kept the plaque from RnR New Orleans this year, even though it's a kind of lame "2nd in your age group" thing. That's because a. I JUST received this and feel weird throwing it out as soon as I get it and b. I'm tickled to have placed in this race since just 2 years before it was my first marathon, and I was in the bottom 50% of finishers!
- I kept the glass award from the Publix marathon because they were nice enough to engrave my name on it. I feel bad throwing out a personalized item.
- I kept the St. Charles 10k award - not because it's a first overall award or anything special, but because canvas is expensive and I intend to paint over it at some point. I mean, why waste good material? I stashed it with my other blank canvases.

I gladly threw out the Clarence DeMar marathon age group award, since they gave me the wrong one!

Do you save race awards, medals, etc? How do you store them? The ones I kept I stuck behind my jewelry box on my dresser.

*An alternate way to collect medals is to actually be a fast runner, but that method takes more work and dedication than I'm inclined to do or have. 


  1. I LOVE simplifying clutter around the house, but I'm a little attached to all of my running paraphanelia.

    I just framed the bib from my first race to put in one of the bazillion cubes in my bedroom bookshelf, and the rest of the stuff is in a box. That's probably how it'll stay until the box starts to overflow!

  2. I like the choices you made. I have a big cardboard box full of things sitting in my storage room. Not sure what I'll ever do with them, but the idea of taking a pic and then pitching is pretty good.

  3. I don't save anything. Honestly, I'd prefer to get gift certificates rather than medals or trophies..

  4. I do save my medals, but don't display them in anyway. I would like to make a little medals rack. My friend showed me one she saw on Etsy and said she could make it for me, so I might take her up on that. It'd be a good way to display them.

    In general, I am more likely to toss than keep. I hate the feeling of clutter. My house is in dire need of a good purging right now as I have not done much organizing the last 6 months!

  5. Oh man. I am horrible at getting rid of medals. One of these days I will clean house. For now, they are piling up on top of a book shelf in my husband's home office... Maybe one of these days I'll display them and take a picture before tossing them. Good idea!

  6. I keep them! I want to throw them out but I haven't got around to it yet, which is weird because I hate clutter. But they are not clutter; they are nicely stored in a bag inside a box that is inside a drawer ;)

  7. I can't bear to throw any of my awards away. When I was growing up all I wanted was a trophy and despite being really successful in some sports I never got one. My first was for memorising scripture verses - I got it at age 21 even though I'd done the work when I was 10 (thanks Aunty Carol for giving it to me eventually) Then I got a trophy from my running squad - for baking. Doesn't say a lot for my ability as a runner, does it? I've picked up quite a lot more since then but that childhood need to be recognised hasn't left so they all stay on a shelf in the kitchen collecting dust.

  8. i'm a hoarder... i have saved them all. i've gotten some pottery pieces (small bowls, plates) and some mugs/cups from running. the plastic spray painted brass with 'marble' base trophies could probably afford to go... as "guido" will never be a home decor theme for me.

    i did finally get rid of old pins/medals from youth soccer. took a picture and donated them. though now i couldn't tell you where the camera is with the picture on it...

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