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Saturday, June 25, 2011


Can you believe it?
Tomie DePaola was signing books in my neighborhood!
Although he's a children's author, I love his artwork and his story lines. He's one of my favorite writers of any genre and I couldn't pass up a chance to meet him - so I raced home from a birthday party to get there in time. Isn't he precious?

I'm bending over because I'm actually double his height.
Watch out for the chicken feet in your soup!<-- if you don't get that, get thee to the library and read the book by this name!


  1. That is awesome that you watch Whale Wars to try to improve on your management skills, haha

    Did you watch this Friday's episode? That was just terrible planning having the boat have to travel 70 miles to pick up the small boats - being out in the Antarctica ocean for 10-14 hours is just insane.

    Will that guy Mikey die? He is seriuosly in rough shape. Why didn't the small boats call the big boats medic guy to determine how to deal with hypothermia? If you are under hypothermia I thought it was best to take off all your clothes (to get rid of the wet clothes that are making you colder), and then go under something warm if possible (like that hypothermia blanket they had). The crews just seemed way too casual about the whole ordeal, they had a serious life threatening situation on their hands.

  2. Okay I tried to comment last night and blogger was being dumb - hopefully it goes through this time!

    That's amazing you got to meet him! He was probably one of my favorite children's authors - I still have some of his books!