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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hail, basketball, and fire.

I kind of miss the days when the finals were all about the Bulls. I guess it just reminds me of my childhood! But even though I've kind of lost track of basketball during the season, this is definitely an exciting series.
I need a piece of art above that TV.
We're finishing up a game now. I need to unwind after a hectic day - early meeting, working alone while my employees were in orientation, teaching a class, then getting caught in a 1-hour rather violent hail storm! My car was pummeled, even after I sought refuge at a gas station, but remarkably the body is ok. The front windshield, however, has multiple minute chips. That hail was hitting with some force!
After making it home alive, I spent the rest of the afternoon with my friend Bj, a fellow pharmacist (we ran the Thunder Road marathon together last December).
*At this point my post was interrupted by a power outage. Upon investigation, we discovered that lightening had struck a transformer during the earlier storms. As it turns out, it was the transformer next to the bar where BJ and I had met for a drink earlier. The owners said they smelled burning and saw ash in the air for hours before they traced it to the smoldering transformer and called the fire department! Power is now safely restored!*


  1. Well, that makes for an eventful day! Glad you and the car are pretty much ok.

  2. You don't need a piece of art you need a TV 2X that one.

  3. Wow - what a weird day. Hail sucks. I got caugth out in a hail storm Memorial Day weekend. It was tiny hail, so pretty minor, but not fun!