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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Paging Dr. Cuddy

I was cast as Dr. Cuddy for an internal company commercial, and we're filming tomorrow. It's a parody of House and it will be showing at the company's yearly worldwide manager meeting. Yes, I think this is silly...but of course I said I'd do it. I don't like telling my big bosses no.
I need to make THIS....
...look like THIS!

So, hints on how I can make my short, wide, brown-eyed face look like her long, lean, blue-eyed one?

I watched an episode of House last night (I really never watch the show so I wanted to get an idea of what this character looks and acts like) and I came to the following conclusions:
1. I will need to search my closet for Office Hoochy, which seems to be her style.
2. My hair will pass but it needs a wave. Damp braid to the rescue!
3. Soft bronze eyeliner and mascara needed.
4. I have to figure out how to frown yet look mood-neutral at the same time.
5. Plastic surgery would be the best option.


  1. Ha! Good luck! I have never seen that show either. Can't wait to see how this goes!

  2. Haha! Girl, rock what you got! You put her to shame!
    We have a cheesy plot of videos to watch each year for training and compliance. I am sure those employees share the same pain as you will.

  3. 15 minutes of fame - embrace it!

  4. Beyond the blue contacts, I think you're good. I love House and so do my kids.

  5. haha. i was thinking you sort of resemble her already - mostly because of the dark hair?

    i'm sure it will turn out great!