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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Portion Control...

... is being exercised by others in my life. Perhaps I should be taking a hint.

Exhibit A: David and I went out for sushi at a new place, Unadi and Sushi (side note: it was cheap and fantastic). We ordered four rolls. Our chef made three and informed us that three was enough.
Exhibit B: We went to happy hour at The American Sector and ordered six sloppy joe sliders. The waitress looked at us critically. "SIX?" she asked. "Do you know how big they are?!"

Maybe I need to take a hint.


  1. love this.

    try eating with the Pita [6'9" 280] - they just see us and run.

    do they not want to sell the damn food?! ;)

  2. I couldn't figure out how to respond so I knew you'd see it.. I was worried CCC would be a HUGE thing, but I guess it's something I should at least experience once.

    Houma actually has a bunch of races. We just had our first half marathon in January, and there are a ton of 5Ks.

    Check out the Bayou Runners page for upcoming races.

  3. Sushi, cheap and fantastic? Score.

  4. Hahaha. Umm no Mr Sushi Man, bring me my 4th roll!!!