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Monday, March 28, 2011

Last day!

It's my last day at my current position! Good-bye, crazy lady who punched another customer in the face (this happened yesterday)! Good-bye, homeless dude who hides in the drive-through to jump out at cars and ask for money! Good-bye, technician who is always half an hour late!
We're going on a little vacation before my new job starts, and you won't believe this, but it's to Boston. I guess I forgot to tell the hubby how I feel about Boston...and how I feel about his frenemy who lives there. Sigh.

Yesterday I ran the Eat My Crust 5k before heading into work. It benefits the NO/AIDS foundation, so I ran it even though 5k's aren't my thing. I had a bad race. I really don't know how to pace for a 5k, and I came in 4th, which might as well be last! I started out too slow and was 7th for most of the race. Then I overcompensated, sped up too much, and passed people until I was third. Then someone passed me in the last mile and I didn't have the energy to prevent it! I have decided that 4th is the worst feeling ever.
I also wasn't thrilled with my gun time of 21:29; it was only a little better than last week's race. However yesterday was extremely humid (97%) and set a record for heat, and I certainly felt it. I will be able to gauge my ability better in dry weather, since humidity slows me down.
As for the race, if you're in the area do it next year. I had to leave to go to work, but the after party was awesome and runners get an apron instead of a T-shirt!
Now that I've been royally humiliated in the 5k, does anyone have any tips and hints for me? I'd like to get faster and I'd like to know what a "good" time for me would be.
Hope you're Monday is wonderful and no one jumps out of the drive through and asks you for cash!


  1. Yay for the last day! But we will miss these fun little anecdotes (someone punching someone else!). Have a fun time away!

  2. To run a fast 5k you have to go out hard and hold on as long as possible.

    Compare your 5k time to your other distances - (turn you speakers down)

  3. YAY for last day! Totally excited for you.

    PS: I worked at WAG up until July when I went to long term care. :o) They won't even let me pick up a shift here and there now because of conflict of interest...whatever. I worked my butt off for them. :o(

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  5. I try to pace, even splits in a 5k. I take a recent 5k and go by even splits for the next race. I definitely use McMillan's as a great tool - like a prediction. Enter one of your recent better longer races, and see what it calculates you are capable of at the 5k. Also, I have recently "tried" to adjust my 5k times BEFORE the race for the conditions of the day. HUMIDITY ALWAYS slows me down. If it's hot and humidity, I adjust my pace prior to the race.

    For me to get better at 5ks, I have to do speed work, and I have to run several 5ks.

    I think it's a GREAT thing that you did improve and the weather was not ideal for a 5k race.

  6. Ummm...don't tell the guy you'll be in Boston! There's so much to love in that city! Happy last day with crazies!!!

  7. For my last 5K, I found the time I wanted to be at and trained to get that time. It was then just a matter of running as hard and fast as I could for the total 3 miles.

  8. ugh. 5k's usually suck for me as well. I never enjoy a 5k, just kind of a "suck it up and hold on" as long as I can kind of thing. Give me distance over speed anyday (says the slow-ish runner hehe)

  9. It's too bad you don't like Boston! Can't you just avoid the frenemy?

    Anyway, I know you may not be happy with a 21 minute 5k, so if you don't want it, can I have it please? That is fast for me!

  10. Have fun in Boston - don't let the Frenemy bring you down! Can you not tell him you are coming? He sounds like a jerk from the post you did about not ever doing Boston because of this guy...

    And I am uber impressed w/ your 5k times. So I am of no help!

  11. Yay for your last day!
    I would totally love to have that 5k time!