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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Nike tempo shorts clearance

Nike has tempo shorts for $15.97 right now!
You can get solid colors here and prints here.
I don't like pink so I bought the "mango" ones instead

And to save you even more...enter the promotional code 3PTSHOT for an extra 20% off all clearance. It brings the price down to $12.78. DO THIS TODAY AS THIS COUPON EXPIRES MARCH 7th!
As of now (this morning) you can still find all sizes if you aren't picky about colors.


  1. I LOVE YOU!! I just got 3 pairs of the tempo shorts, plus since I was a new member they took the shipping off! It cost 41.70 overall for all three pairs.

  2. umm just got 3 pairs as well. and a shirt. you rock.

  3. Thanks for the heads up! I just ordered two pairs. Yay for sales and coupons!

  4. love your shopping tips. It makes it so easy.

    thanks for the comments on my blog - eekk! another marathon so soon - maybe??? but think I'm tired, plus, it will be hard to find a "cold" "fast" one that I can afford to get to now, but I'm will take a look at M.G. - what did you do with your mileage/long runs in that month between marathons?

    When I saw the forecast for Snickers, I looked to see about another option this wknd. Was considering switching to Little Rock because they had a low of 33 before that race, but it was closed already. (I think it's hilly anyway) Thanks! any and all advice or tips are always welcome.

  5. Thanks for the link on the shorts! I came across your blog from skinnyrunners...Love it