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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


It's time for a catch-up post.
- Joey (little brother #2) left for basic training. We had him over for dinner to say 'bye and went to the Orpheus parade briefly so he could get a last glimpse of New Orleans before he left. I'm kind of upset over this whole thing. It's a tough position to be in: I support the military and I hope this is the right decision for Joey, but let's face it. No one want their family in harm's way.
- Our kitchen sink started backing up dreadfully last week but luckily Joey is a plumber on the side and offered to empty the trap. This fixed the clog but the problem was that when he unscrewed our old, metal pipes they were so eroded that they fell apart in his hands. This occurred on Lundi gras, so we couldn't actually get a plumber until Wednesday. It was a long few days of dumping buckets!
- I assume I had some sort of virus last week that affected my muscles; thankfully that seems to have resolved without ending in my death.I did hydrate and do all the right things for my kidneys, which are luckily resilient organs.
- Work has continued to be insane but I see the light - things are moving forward to open my new clinic, which will give me much greater freedom and control over my own workplace environment.
- I've worn my new Nike Tempo shorts that finally replaced twelve year old shorts I had to pitch, but I have one complaint. One pair is larger than the other! They're the same size, but I have to roll the waistband of the printed pair to keep it on. Variable sizing annoys me.
Have you ever bought multiples of an item of clothing, only to find out that the sizes were actually different? I was so excited to find another pair of my favorite jeans once ...but I bought a different wash. And they were humongous. I was heart broken!


  1. Ugh about Joey. Yes, he is doing something so admirable, but I imagine it might be very scary and uncertain. Glad you are feeling better. No dialysis for you!

  2. Safe travels to Joey. I'm always surprised at the size variability, happened to me with two pairs of Patagonia jeans I bought - didn't try on the second pair and they were clearly larger when I finally put them on.

  3. Tempos are really inconsistent with sizing. It's frustrating! I think the newer ones are bigger. Good luck to Joey!

  4. thanks to Joey for his service to our country.

    I got my tempo shorts too, and 1 pair was missing the inside little pocket which I use for my key - urgh! yes, I have noticed minor differences in the Nike running shorts sizing too.

    glad you feeling better

  5. that is how jeans are for me. my tempos all seem to fit well and i noticed my key pockets are on my back right hip instead of front. kinda weird.

    thanks to joey for his service! my job is all about supporting the troops with whatever they need in iraq/afghanistan right now.

  6. that sucks about your brother! Very honorable of him to do that, but it's tough to know he might be in harm's way. :(

    I hate it when they mess with the sizing! Pisses me off!

  7. Godspeed to Joey. He is a hero.

    BTW, regarding your comment about a shoe review. I promised myself I wouldn't do any product reviews on my Blog. They are ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ if you ask me. But, for you, I just might :-)

  8. LMAO! i was reading your comments..

    when i came to LindsLovesMiles comment.. i thought it read: "Tampons are really inconsistent with sizing.

    lol... oh my, what a way to start the day!

  9. Yeah, I hate when that happens! That's why I won't usually buy something unless I've tried it on or am certain/don't care if they slightly altered there cuts. Nike has been making some serious size changes in the last few years though.

  10. Oh, just the post for me...I just bought a second pair of Brooks Launch...same size..7.5 medium but they fit different!!!! What??!! Grrrrr. So, I really need new running shorts that fit well, don't look like a diaper on me, and don't make my quads look so huge that I could squash you head with them. I'm thinking of going to invest in a pair of Lululemon shorts that I hear about. But after my kitchen and birthday season, I'm not so sure that is a good idea. Hope to catch up on here soon...I've been missing in action. Thanks for your compliment about my party. xo