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Monday, March 21, 2011

Born to Run 5k recap and review

I never run 5k's, but I ran this one because it was a fundraiser for the Women's Center for Life. Unfortunately...
1. I was hung over. We got drinks to celebrate my promotion at work - which is finally actually coming to pass, two years later - and I cannot hold my alcohol. I had a martini and I felt positively ill.
2. Very few people showed up. There were only about 125 runners altogether!
3. Runners tend to group in packs, and only the "lead pack" followed the course. It wasn't marked, but we were following a biker. The slower runners lost sight and turned the wrong way, running more like 2.7 miles.

So... recap: I ran a 21:40, not as fast I would have liked, but I felt sick the whole time. First overall female in a very tiny field. I have no idea how to run a 5k, how to pace, what pace to aim for, etc. I suck at 5k's.
Review: The Hot Eight brass band played and Antoine's provided food, but this race needs some serious promotion and a marked course. Also my "trophy" is really strange.
What is up with the ribbon?


  1. Ha! When I saw the pic in my reader I thought you were going to give us a craft lesson!

  2. lol.... now that's a new one. i've never seen a "trophy" such as that. :)

  3. the ribbon? what's up with the fetus?

    congrats on your lovely award!

  4. A 21 min 5K hungover. I can't run that on my best day with no martini the night before. You rock. That's all I got.

  5. Wow! Maybe I need to drink a hand grenade before my next race to see if that will give me some pep for a 21:40! Haha! Awesome job! That medal IS strange.

  6. Your awesome with a 21 min 5k and I'll agree with you that the "trophy" is a little odd and sort of creepy but would probably make a great talking piece so you should probably stick it on your coffee table.

  7. Congrats. You did awesome. First would be cool no matter how many runners are there. Yeah, that medal is weird. You crack me up with your shoe review comment. I have no idea how to do a shoe review.

  8. Yay for promotions and fast runs!

    I gave you an award, you can find it here: