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Monday, September 13, 2010

World's busiest weekend

I already shared my Saturday with you: A long day of track meets, running, and house cleaning (did we fix our leaky fridge? Only time and the bottom of our veggie drawer will tell!).
We got to bed late on Saturday after treating Abe to dinner and Italian ices. It was a consolation prize for getting yelled at by his coach for his "slow" 17:58 5k. If only I were so slow.
Sunday was insane. I got up at the crack and stumbled over to Audubon Park at 6 am to coordinate my volunteer team (180 people) and my walking team (75 people) for the NO/AIDS walk. Everything went surprisingly well, despite my constant running back and forth. All my volunteers showed up where they needed to be, and only a few of my walkers got lost or threw a mini-tantrum because we ran out of size small shirts (so not my fault).
I told my walkers that I was going to join my volunteers, told my volunteers that I was going to go join my walkers, and skipped out at 10 am to rush to church. I threw clothes at myself (resulting in a mixed-blue palette that was not the intended effect) and made it to church on time! After church, we headed straight to the in-laws for my birthday party, for which I refused to pose nicely. I'm so sick of hubby's camera.

Mid party we received the call we were waiting for: David's brother's wife was in labor! In just a few hours - my sister in law has the world's shortest labors, she's amazing - little Luc entered the world!
Then we waited for about 4 hours for them to wash him up and stick him in the stupid little window. FYI try not to have a baby or an emergency on the weekend, people. The hospital was short staffed and they had 8 births that afternoon. They were lining babies up and leaving them under the warmers until they "got to them" for measuring, weighing, etc. Many of them had estimated weights because it took so long that they'd already fed or dirtied their diapers by the time it was their turn. We didn't even get a peep at Luc until he was about 5 hours old! And by then he was starving, poor little thing! He'd nursed at birth but was concentratedly eating his hand by the time we saw him.
Baby Jacob met his new little brother:

Finally he made it to his mom's room (which was still the birthing room, because the hospital was too short-staffed to move his mom; the aid who helps the mom's get up and move called in that night and the day shift lady already left!). We all passed him around:

He was very alert! And clearly more calm than his brother had been. It's so cute how you can already identify personalities, don't you think?

Finally we left mom, dad, and baby to themselves and grabbed Chinese on the way home. I lay in front of the end of the football game ans stuffed MSG into my gullet before my body totally shut down. I was so tired I skipped washing my face and just crashed into bed!
What a weekend. I need to go to work to relax!


  1. Not washing your face at the end of the night --- a sign of a great/busy weekend.
    Love the photos. Happy birthday!!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! Your new nephew is gorgeous!!!

  3. happy birfday! what a lovely pic and your nephew is adorable! have a wonderful week, chica!

  4. was your birthday yesterday? you share it with my wife! Happy birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday! Love the picture of your new nephew being passed around...hope your week is a little less packed!

  6. Awww, cute bebe!!!

    Happy Birthday! Your cake looks YUMMY!

  7. Love that pic! hope you had a happy (yet hectic) bday! I love newborn babies' fingernails. So tiny and cute.

  8. Wow! What a full/exciting day! Congrats on being an auntie again. You look gorgeous in all of these pictures, by the way!

  9. What a great weekend! That baby is adorable!