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Friday, September 17, 2010

Bullet Points = I need glucose

1. Last long run before the upcoming marathon was a stinker. It was humid and I ate right before I left. Plus I just couldn't seem to speed up. I remember in my last marathon I was huffing and puffing away, but when I checked my pace I could not get under 9 minutes! My effort seemed like 8 minutes at most! That's how I felt today. I hope I didn't peak too early. I had some kind of fast 20's back there. :(
2. The old ipod is fine. The earphones are broken...and so were the other pair of earphones we used to test if it was the ipod or the earphones! The test pair of earphones were extras, and I accidentally plugged them into David's ipod instead of his own earphones. What do you know, he couldn't hear a thing. Hm. So, new Nano goes back. Actually I think my hubby secretly wants it for himself.
3. I'm sure this is completely illegal and is loading my computer with Trojan horses, but I discovered this website that lets you turn Youtube videos into MP3s. I downloaded these guys. Then I downloaded all kinds of Michael Jackson. Can I confess something to you? When MJ died I had to ask the hubby what songs he sang. David practically stroked out.
4. Old Navy is having an extra 30% off clearance sale, so get thee to Old Navy to purchase the most randomly sized clothing on the planet. I got two work shirts for under $4 each. One is a large and one is an extra small, and the extra small is bigger than the large. Strange. I also found winter running tights in hot pink, which is my all-time worst color, but for $3 what do you expect? They're also too big but hey, that's why I sew.
5.I decided to run the Jazz Half Marathon in costume again (of course) and I'm looking for suggestions. It has to be mildly ok for running. As in, I can do an eyepatch but I can't do scuba flippers.
Costume suggestions please?


  1. I'm with you on the weird old navy sizing. Love that place but I take back as much as I buy due to this factor.

  2. Charbelle, totally! I made the mistake of ordering online ONCE!

  3. First off - thank you so much for your suggestions re: my sleep issues. That was so so so helpful!! I am definitely going to give it a shot. I know I need to stop taking Benadryl as it's not good to get hooked on that. I feel like my circadian rhythm is totally off right now. I feel ridiculous exhausted in the morning around 9-10, and then again around 5, but then around my bedtime, I am wide awake. I feel like a toddler who has missed her napping window or something like that! So thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    Hmm... costumes are so tough to come up with. I am terrible at them, actually... But I can't wait to see what you come up with!!!

    Glad that you figured out that it was your headphones & not the iPod. I go through about 2 pairs of headphones a year. I think since I use them practically every day & throw themin my purse or running bag, they get a bit beat up... I was goign to ask if you had checked the head phones, actually, but didn't want to sound like captain obvious...

  4. remember its only illegal if you get caught

  5. i'm gonna give this some thought..

    i'll come up with a doozie. :)