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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

All packed ...

...ready to go!
See you after Freedom's Run Marathon, if I'm still alive!
Still pondering...
- Should I run in capris or shorts?
- A cotton T-shirt or smarter, but un-tried wicking T?
- What should I eat the morning of: oatmeal, rice, or cereal?
- Ipod or sporadic ipod?
- Ball cap or bare head?
- Try to hold a camera or realize that juggling water and a camera is a recipe for really bad pictures at best and a sodden camera at worst?
- Run the day before the race or rest up?
- Walk all over and sight-see or languish in a sitting position to avoid blisters?
- Bring the light cardigan or the heavy sweater?
And most importantly,
- Join the blue or the gray???


  1. DEFINITELY the tech tee over cotton and bring shorts AND capris and then decide the day of what to wear!

    Have fun! You're going to rock!

  2. GOOD LUCK girly!!!! You're going to rock it!!!

  3. I'm doing shorts and wicking tank top, but it's what I've worn in all long runs. I think it'll be cool in the morning though and I know you are more used to the heat so you might feel like you are freezing up here! Have a safe trip!

  4. definitely:
    capris - to stop chaffing
    wicking top
    ipod - one bad shuffled song can kill your pace
    bare head
    no camera!!!!!
    rest up day before
    take a cab - don't walk
    light cardi
    not sure on the blue or the grey :)

  5. Wicking T all the way! No camera...just too much to worry about for 26 miles. Good luck! You're going to rock this.

  6. Def a wicking t!! No camera, that's way too much for me to handle on the course.

    You are totally going to rock this race! I am really looking forward to your & Abbi's race reports. I'll be cheering you girls on from MN!