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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Taper

When we were kids we had this book called "The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Birthday" which we would read aloud in absolute mockery of the bratty bears. We could not believe how spoiled these little cubs were, crying and throwing fits over an extravagant party when they ought to be immensely grateful! We'd put ultra-obnoxious voices on as we read and pretty much make the bears into candidates for juvy. We were horrid, mean little children.

Right now I have too much taper. My schedule has managed to suddenly be a wreck and I haven't been following my training schedule since we got back from Atlanta. I'm being lazy and I am well aware that this will hurt me later! When I am walking at the finish of the marathon, you can all remind me that I deserve it for being a bad taper-er.

And now for your pleasure feel free to go back and read this post in a whiny, bratty, spoiled child voice. It's more fun than you think.


  1. I love the Berenstein Bear books! I read a bunch to my nephew last time I took him to the book store. The kids are pretty bratty, though, but I love their house! How cool would it be to live in that house? Ok, prob not that cool, but it seems cool...

    I did not taper when I ran my '06 marathon and I PAID for it. But by not tapering I mean I barely ran after getting through my 20 miler... I started grad school and could not balance work full time + grad school + homework + run. Stupid, stupid thing. I am sure you are dong fine as you are still getting some runs in! It's tough to taper sometimes becuase I don't do well at doing things in 'moderation' which is basically what tapering feels like.

    And if it makes you feel better, I skipped my run yesterday becuase I couldn't handle doing 5 miles in pouring rain + pitch dark...

  2. OMGosh I love this book!

    Awesome post.

  3. Ah, I loooved those books as a child. I'm so glad the marathon is almost here bc I'm just kind of sick of running. Doesn't help that I have that little hamstring issue either right now. Just got to get through the next week and a half!